Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Student Profile: Roxandra Costa Rica

[This is my second semester of pre-nursing at Nevada State College. I did go to CSN before this for a short time. Here at NSC it was way different. Never had I met such good, and passionate, professors. They all seem to be truly interested in us students. The environment is also different. Small classes make all the difference. Discussion and learning in classes are highly active and improved, therefore my grades are improved and my knowledge expanded. It seems that I know almost everyone in my classes. Every time I walk the hallways it feels like everyone knows me, and vice-versa. Even now when writing this, Dr. Kebede (who by the way is a brilliant, passionate biology professor) came up to me and my classmate to encourage us to share our story.

At NSC we are all a family. I could never see my school cutting down on education, yet worse even closing. In fact, I see NSC expanding, growing, and becoming a prominent college in Nevada, and I would do anything to be a part of it.

Nevada State College is my home!

Roxandra Costa Rica]

Student Profile: Michael Ryan Moore

[Hi my name is MIchael Ryan Moore, I'm 20 years old and graduated in 2007 from Faith Lutheran Jr.-Sr. High School. I come from a good family, with great morals and values. In high school my drug addiction and alcoholism took off. I graduated and was supposed to attend University of Maryland. Due to my addiction I was not able to attend. I went to Chicago to get clean and returned to Las Vegas. I enrolled into CSN and started drinking and using again. I proceeded to be enrolled for 5 semesters with zero credits. In March of 2009 I checked myself into rehab in Las Vegas. I stayed there for 48 days and then went to Lousiana for 4 moths for extended- long term- treatment. While I was there I decided that I was ready to enroll into school. NV State came to mind due to the small classes and personal attention. I returned to NV in September, and got the ball rolling. NV State has given me a second chance at life and to learn. I'm so grateful that this school is here to help in obtaining my goal and degree! Today I am 10 and a half months clean and sober, and live for my school.

Michael Ryan Moore.]

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Student Profile: Lisa Yee

[My NSC Story

I didn't always feel that NSC was a place where I was going to fit in and adjust well. However, I've recently started my second semester here, and I feel at home every time I walk through those doors in the morning.

I originally chose NSC based on two reasons:
1) The tuition was within my budget.
2) The class sizes are small, and I learn better in that environment.

Now, I realize NSC offers a chance for me to grow as a person and push myself as a student. I've started a club on campus that focuses on leadership and community service, and I'm enjoying all of my classes. NSC is the perfect place for me, and I"m happy I chose to go here.

My name is Lisa Yee and this is MY NSC STORY!

Lisa Yee
Circle K President 2010
1st Year NSC Student.]

Student Profile: Cortland Abrahamson

[I grew up in a working class, paycheck to paycheck family. Needless to say money has always been tight and hals always been a question we need to ask when doing something. When we arrived in Las Vegas, my family and I looked at UNLV and came to the conclusion that it was simply unaffordable. To receive a Bachelors degree in Nursing was going to cost a great amount of money. It wasn't until I found NSC and their nursing program that I started to believe, maybe I could afford school and get my degree. If it wasn't for the affordable 4 year programs this school offers I would not be in school. I would be working 40 hours and that's it. To take away this school you would be ripping my dreams away. A dream, that for once in my life, I believe is attainable and could come true.

Cortland Abrahamson]

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Student Profiles - Jessica Romero and Marianne Re!

[ My NSC Story!

I guess you can say I'm kind of above average when it comes to education. I went to baby genius schools when I was three, private schools for elementary school, and then a -somewhat- prestigious high school (Las Vegas Academy, just so you know). It kind of made sense to attend NSC after these schools. I never pictured myself at giant universities where it's three-hundred kids a class; on the contrary, thirty was more than enough. I didn't want to enroll in any state college that everyone else was going to, either (Sorry, CSN). Nevada State, although new-ish, just seemed to be the best choice for a great education - while being affordable (note: I'm a nanny. We don't make much). Simply put,
NSC is too cool for school.

Marianne Re]

[ MY Story!

"Finish high school get your diploma!" is what I was told through my early years. Having met that goal, what's next? Perhaps a well known university with a good rep.? That what I believed I was going to do. But then I was introduced to NSC!! Small unknown school, with few major fields. I was skeptical as to joining a school that was just starting out. But here I am! and I love it. My professors are well informed with their fields, and give you that one-on-one feel everyone looks for. I love NSC. I am NSC.

Jessica "aka"

Student Profile - Cynthia Ochoa

[My NSC story is that I'm very grateful to have the opportunity to study and to have start at my future at such a great school with such great teachers. I love this school because it not only gave me an opportunity but helped me even though I have very little to pay they still helped me. This is why I believe what you're doing is wrong and should be thought out a lot better!

♥ Always
Cynthia Ochoa]

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Student Profile's: Julie Riette, Martha Arbolario, and Trishia Magdael!

[My name is Trishia Grace Magdael and I love NSC because it's close to home. In addition, it has become my second. Everyone's friendly and loving. I love everyone, especially the teachers and staff. I would be devastated if I had to transfer elsewhere. Trishia Magdael]

[My NSC Story - We're not just a school, we're a FAMILY! The faculty does a great job staying committed to teaching their students. I NSC! Martha Arbolario]

[My NSC Story
I love NSC because everyone knows eachother and is so friendly. It's like a family! The teaching is great...I love NSC! Julie Riette]